Midnight Train Issue 3

Andy F., Contributor

February 24, 2020

Kathlene’s voice on the other end of the line was like the sound of a songbird, a smile could be heard through the way she spoke. “You found my note, and you called. So I guess you reconsidered, right?”  “I did,” I l...

Midnight Train (Part 2)

Andy F., Contributor

December 13, 2019

After being shoved up against the locker, I went on with my normal everyday routine: I put my earbuds in and walked sprightly out of school. It’s probably no shock to anyone when I say that the trip from my school and home wa...

Midnight Train

Andy F., Contributor

October 31, 2019

Every classic story starts with “once upon a time”. Well that’s only in the classics. Life is no classic fairytale, and so why should mine be any different?  My once upon a time starts about twelve hours ago. I was an ordi...

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