College Athletics?

Playing Division I is the dream of many high school athletes looking to enter the big leagues in sports. There is some sort of magical appeal that comes with being awarded the chance to play under the lights of a stadium packed with adoring fans and a high energy atmosphere. The truth behind it all though, is that not all of these hopeful athletes will even get an invitation to play for a school, much less a scholarship to cover the expenses that come with a college education. Let us take for example, probably the three most popular sports in Carthage High School: Lacrosse, Football, and Volleyball. When it comes to high school football, many players are playing not only out of enjoyment, but also to be recruited to play for a college. The chances of being recruited though, are not very high. An estimated 6.8% are sent that golden letter of acceptance to play Division I, II, or III. The percentage of high school volleyball players who wind up playing volleyball at the college level is even less than the chances of playing football at a whopping 3.9%. The percentage of boys high school athletes who go to play for a college is 12.3% and for girls, it’s 12.9%.

Now if you were planning on going to college on an athletic scholarship, then I only have to say good luck to you. It’s nothing against you as an athlete, it only has to do with your chances of receiving a scholarship. The statistics are certainly not in your favor; only about 2% of all high school athletes receive a scholarship and the average athletic scholarship is only $11,000. You could be one of the lucky ones who are awarded one that is worth a bit more, or you could be one of the ones who receive a scholarship worth less than the average amount. Either way, $11,000 off your college is nothing. That might cover a small portion of your expenses, but you will still be left drowning in debt.

It is still fine to strive for that athletic scholarship, however you should still have a plan to fall back on. There are plenty of scholarships available to the student who doesn’t lose sight of the importance of academics and leadership skills. Keep this in mind as you look towards the future in your education.