Controversy in the Classroom

It is nearly impossible for teachers and professors alike, to go without addressing present day politics during instruction time. A reoccuring theme that has happened and will continue to, for many years to come. However, we have reached a new turning point in that our American history will forever be fractured if our academic professors (most of whom are scholars in their fields) do not put a halt to their relentless bias.


It is clear that the most “controversial classrooms” most definitely exist on college campuses. This is daunting because by college years most students have not completely developed their own concrete stances on political issues, making them prime victims for professor bias. Subtly, sometimes the best or even the most rogue teachers slip this bias onto their students. Which can then result in a great deal of controversy between students, professors and their respective college. So much so, that the website “”, has created their own Top 10 most controversial teachers in America. Professors who take strong stances on issues like abortion, natural selection, evolution, and rape made the list of teachers and exposed the worst cases of professor bias in America.


Arguably the most widely known professor on the list, includes current Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and former Johns Hopkins University professor,  Dr. Ben Carson. With a wide range of legitimate reasons to be controversial in terms of politics, I remain bewildered on how exactly he was controversial being a professor of Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University. Especially when compared to the other professors on the list and around the world who are much more controversial, rather openly and many times disrespectfully. For those who do know him on a personal level, it is known that Carson stands out from the rest. He is poised, intellectual and professional; which is sadly becoming a rarity for college’s across the country. A problem that must be solved quickly.


With a growing awareness for controversy inciting professors, making a list exposing the worst cases, is a step in the right direction, as there must come an end to professor bias that is projected onto students. The results that we are already seeing can be immensely destructive for the present and future generations.