Gun Reform Intro

It is everywhere. Everyone is talking about it. Gun reform, gun control, gun ban. Is implementing any of these unconstitutional? Are they necessary? Many would argue that in light of recent (and not so recent) events, nothing has ever been more needed than stronger gun control in the United States of America. Others argue that implementing any guidelines relating to guns directly infringes on one’s second amendment rights. Now, you might be thinking “but people are dying! Children are dying!” Or you might be thinking “it is my right to possess means of protecting and defending myself and those I love.” Either way you lean, you most likely have developed an opinion based on the news reports, the stories, and the social media presence of those who have been directly affected.

However, if you have not formed an opinion, or lean one way or another, you are not alone. Many people believe in the right to bear arms, but perhaps think there is a different way to solve the problem. Focusing more on mental illness. Recognizing when someone is troubled early on, before tragedies have the chance to occur. Perhaps you are a gun-totin’ American who has faith in their gun and their ability to protect their own, but still recognize that people are dying.

“On average, two dozen children are shot every day in the United States, and in 2016 more youths were killed by gunfire — 1,637 — than during any previous year this millennium.”

Acknowledging that there is a problem is always the first step to discovering a resolution, whether that solution be gun control, a gun ban, or making access to healthcare easier for those who need it. If the first step is admitting there is a problem, then we as a people are already one step closer. No matter your stance on the issue, you can recognize that something is wrong. Children are dying.