How Much is Too Much?


In 2016 the college to receive the most money from private institutions was Stanford university with a monumentally large 1.63 billion going in to their pockets. The year before that Harvard was number one, with around 1.59 billion dollars of endowments filling the scrooge mcduck like vaults that the university heads no doubt swim in.

So what’s the problem, it’s no secret that a lot of private universities have over inflated budgets; overhead shots of their campuses don’t help to conceal that fact either, especially when the floors are clean enough to blind nearby albatrosses on really sunny days. Meanwhile dorms put five star hotel rooms to shame as every student is given their own room, a bed stuffed with the feathers of blind albatros, and their own bathroom fit with a shower with fully adjustable water temperature. And after the students bathe in what is no doubt some incredibly lush water filtered through only the finest grains of sand harvested from straight from the sahara they can feel free to go and eat food crafted from the finest chefs over inflated budgets can buy.

Now, obviously I’m being hyperbolic, when looking at some of these campuses it’s not too difficult to see where all the budget is going. But that begs the question, how much is the overall cost of these extravagant luxuries, and whose paying for them all. The first conclusion many would leap to is tuition of course, with most liberal arts colleges ranking in about 50,000 per student. But even then that pales in comparison to the bill Stanford receives at the end of the year, so then that remainder of the bill has to come from a different source. This is where your average billionaire with a heart of gold comes in, donating the rest of the money and maybe a few extra million here and there to these incredibly privileged kids, who can’t bare to go another day without their pomegranate pancakes served at breakfast.

Therein lies the problem with a lot of donations towards higher education establishments, they’re going to the wrong places. Sure Stanford could use the extra money to build more dorms that’ll no doubt be brimming with luxuries for students. But struggling schools in New York can also use them, for improving and expanding upon some lackluster educational programs, or improving the quality of their school’s campus environment.

Now, that doesn’t mean that every penny poured into Stanford or NYU is wasted, some  

Of the research studies and educational opportunities in those schools certainly are pricey. But the sheer continuous amount of money being poured into these schools with budgets higher than the GDPs of some countries by philanthropist is shocking. Meanwhile other schools that don’t have the lavish interiors and pristine food just barely scrape by bus gets half the size of one of those donations. It leaves me wondering, how much is enough for those schools, how much is enough until they realize pampering your students is costing the quality education of many others.


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