Intro to June Edition: The Media

For our last edition of the year, I have challenged my contributors to take a hard reflective look at the media and the impact it has had on our society. The force that drives public knowledge, dictates viewpoints, and has recently been unprecedentedly put in the spotlight under the President, now is a better time than ever to take this moment to reflect on the media and the actual impact it has had on specific cases and on a more broad scale here in America.


From R Kelly to Michael Jackson, most recently, these superstars have been taken down in the public eyes thanks to media exposure. Used for good and bad the media is rapidly evolving and it’s up to us to catch the bias, the lies and recognize good reporting when we see it. Although our issue this month highlights only a few, these cases are one of many that highlight the vast influence our media has had, so sit back reserve some time and read away. Come back in October to read more Comet Viewpoints as our very own CHS students take on the world and uphold the Freedom of the Press! Thanks for reading!