Jekyll and Hyde, Pumpkin and Spice, and Everything Nice

With the advent of a crisp autumn brings forward our esteemed fall production. This year our hardworking cast and crew are bringing to life the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. If you are a fan of authentic, victorian- era novels, and constant plot twists and turns, then you will love the upcoming show that premiers November 1st and 2nd. The crew has already begun construction on the simple, yet imperative set that will support a medium sized cast of younguns’ dressed like oldies. Stay tuned to hear about the point of views of both cast and crew during rehearsals and the work that goes into delivering an intriguing, live action performance. When you go to enjoy this Comet-Sponsored theatrical staging, expect passionate delivery, extravagant costuming and the very real, tangible experience of seeing something in person.


Featured here is an exclusive interview with Abbigail Bloom, who is playing the role of Poole in our upcoming drama. 

Young and in love with theatre. When asked how she felt about the upcoming production, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Miss Bloom replied, “Nervous, but excited.” Amongst a cast of 20 or so people, Miss Bloom plays the role of Poole, Dr. Jekyll’s loyal and compassionate butler(ess). For many of you who do not know of Miss Bloom, here is some background information; Currently a junior at Carthage High School, Abbigail Bloom is taking Advanced Theatre and previously, Theatre, in addition to a heavy course load and 2 sport seasons. Every year, she has done a musical with the school programs, starting in 6th grade with the musical Summer Camp, performing as a camper, and working her way up to playing roles like The Sour Kangaroo in Seussical, and one of Fagin’s gang in the production of Oliver!. She is very musically inclined and this year, is preparing to star in her first drama, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which premieres Nov. 1st and 2nd at 7:30 pm. The actress states that her past experience in musical theatre has most certainly helped her develop a multi-level character; one that is very compassionate and true hearted to their master, even when some very blatant crimes begin to cause internal suspicion about Dr.Jekyll’s well-being. During the interview, she made it certain that 5 years from now, college in pursuance of a music major with a minor in theatre is where she will be. The character, Poole, is only a minor stepping stone on the path that will form a journey to becoming well-versed musician and actress in her later years. She finished off the interview by stating her genuine excitement and nervousness about the upcoming performance.  Let’s all wish her theatre luck: Break a leg!