Lover’s Quarrel

Valentine’s Day generally invokes one of two emotions in the typical high schooler. Those that find themselves in some form of romantic relationship rejoice at the opportunity to flaunt their relationship status or show their affection for their loved one. However, people not in relationships can feel ostracized by the contempt they have for society’s standards. The Valentine’s season brings an important conversation to light for the short amount of time it is relevant. In a world that is quick to shame females for having multiple sexual partners, while praising males for the same act, teens are constantly receiving mixed signals. As well as this, people are encouraged to form monogamous relationships, but any display of affection is seen as an act to shame others into wanting the same. In truth, none of this matters. We are an entire generation plagued by standards. These very standards seem only to weigh people down with the ideals of the past. Anyone reading this should simply work to be comfortable with themselves and focus on their own happiness. As long as you are looking out for your own health, and creating your own happiness you already have everything you need. Everyone makes mistakes, it is our birthright ensuring personal growth. These mistakes can come in all forms and varieties, and while some see relationships in our school ages as a waste of time people should be allowed to do what brings them joy. Rather than hate the premise of Valentine’s Day because of what it represents, we have the opportunity to escape the negativity and promote being the source of your own happiness.