Pep Rally


Pep rally… the epitome of high school morality. All the students gather in the hot gymnasium to boost spirit prior to the home game; but, what exactly does pep rally accomplish? Well, according to a staff member here at CHS, it’s a place for “all the sports teams [to] come out and get recognized… [pep rally] makes students feel valued and recognized.” When a student was asked on what the greatest take away they get from pep rally, their reply was “it boosts school connectivity a lot.” Not to be ignored, however, are the faults and downsides that come with Pep Rally. A common complaint from the faculty/staff are wishes for a more organized dismissal when they are called down.

Pep rally isn’t always peppy. Many times students express a certain level of disapproval at the consistency in which the senior class wins the overall Pep competition; however, they won’t be so quick to complain on their last year. When asked what they would change about pep rally, 3 students have expressed that they would change the screaming competition traditional held each year, sparking conversation where others have expressed such activity as one of the best parts of the rally. 2 anonymous students have specifically expressed an annoyance with the lack of control over behavior post-pep rally. As one student states, “I wish [the students] would be less out of control after [the pep rally].” Should CHS change the way pep rally is run? Should staff intervene more for the 3 minutes of extra time left after pep rally is over? 

The pep rally is often a very exciting time for the student body, and it is regarded with such high expectations each year; but, it has been known to get out of hand. Numerous high schools have experienced the misfortune, just like at Atlantic Community High School. (You can read more about it here: Atlantic High isn’t the only school whos rally got out of hand. There have even been times when a group of students get so blinded by the mob mentality that it actually caused a student/ many students to get hurt. A well known case of this occurred in Tulsa, OK when a student got bombarded by the football team while wearing a mascot outfit and was beaten bloody. (More about that here: At what point does encouragement to raise school spirit, loose control and become encourage a rise in chaos instead?