The Fall Mindset


The fall season emphasizes the conflicting ideals of those in our school. Events like our pep rally point out stark differences in the student body. It almost seems as though the bulk of students are shepherded into the background as athletes take the forefront of the schools attention. When it comes to school spirit even faculty is quick to exclude those that are not athletes. The mood throughout the school seems to be a general sense of disdain. Our generation is nonchalant in striving for the future, making college applications a task easily pushed off. Rather than an environment that can nourish the growth of students, our system seems to prioritize obedience. Even our Homecoming was shrouded in some controversy. Although, the tradition of electing a king and queen has always rubbed some the wrong way. The concept comes down to popularity, a quality that cannot truly be measured, yet somehow seems to dictate the lives of many within this building. 


In my articles this year I hope to spread my own personal ideals of peace, love, and positivity, inspire kindness amongst the student body, as well as speak out when there are social issues that need to be addressed both in and out of the school.


-Brecken Feldmann