The Other Option

For most high school students, the common perception of the future after graduation is to attend a college and receive a degree; either an associate’s, bachelor’s, or maybe even further. Yet not only is this far from the only path to success, but it might not even be the best one. 

Another appealing option to high school graduates is attending a trade school. For one, trade schools are often a wiser choice financially, as they are less expensive than the average university. As well, trade schools are often designed around occupations, which tend to have more availability and higher salaries. This means the struggle for some university students to find a job in their field in order to pay off their student loans can easily be avoided. 

However, there are some things that trade schools just can’t provide, which universities can. For instance, attending a trade school essentially locks in one’s future as one in the school’s field. However, liberal arts universities allow for a change in major and career plans without having to transfer or drop out. In addition, if one is sure of the field they want to enter, but not sure of exactly what role they want to play in said field, attending a university allows students to take a variance of applicable classes and decide what works best for them. 

In conclusion, there are many reasons to choose either a trade school or a university, but not all of them apply to everyone. No two people are the same, which is why trade schools work better for some, and universities work better for others. However, it should be known that a four-year institution isn’t the only option for a successful future.