The Repercussions of The Media

In this age of data and technology, anyone is able to share information, both public and private, with the entire globe with the tap of a button. Additionally, this information is accessible in a matter of seconds by anyone with a smartphone and a cellular connection. This leads to people’s opinions, no matter how outrageous, being shared and published. While there are obvious benefits to this system, it also leads to false information being spread far and wide. With previous forms of media, any false claims were quickly denied and likely didn’t make it to the consumer. However, today, everything is instantaneous. In the headline-driven media industry of the present day, there’s no need to read past the header of the article, or so it seems. Through sharing these headlines, either vocally or digitally, ideas, especially incorrect ideas, begin to spread like wildfire. The media is the biggest determinant of what people know about around the developed world. If the media isn’t talking about it, then how will people know about it without witnessing it firsthand? This is why it may seem that social media is a blessing, as it allows individuals to share information, keeping everyone informed. With this, social media has created a mindset for people to only track news that they agree with. This means people are exposed to even fewer ideas that they disagree with, and refuse to accept those they are exposed to. Social media is the evil side of media in America, taking all of Media’s worst aspects and amplifying them. However, the best part about social media is that change isn’t made by TV producers or CEOs, but by the individuals who use it.